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Sustainable Hospitality

La Mer Resort & Spa is a pioneer in matters related to environmental protection and sustainability, striving to minimize the use of natural resources, energy spending, and emissions. The resort takes particular care of the recycling and processing of waste so that its environmental impact is as low as possible. It has been designed with respect for the environment and the region of Apokoronas, helping the community by using local products and services. In this way, not only nature but also society benefits.

The resort was awarded for the fifth time in a row the Green Key mark, which is a commitment to ecological behavior and a registered mark of environmental compliance, a symbol of full adoption of the conditions that constitute an ecological profile, a model of excellence for all those who combine development with sustainability and ensure operation without environmental burden.

In addition, the BLUE FLAG that adorns the Kavros-La Mer coast for the fifth time in a row is awarded by the Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature and certifies that strict standards are met in terms of cleanliness based on frequent seawater analyses, organization, information, the safety of bathers and visitors, protection of the natural resources of the coast and the coastal area and environmental awareness.

La Mer Resort & Spa has also received the ISO 14001 environmental management system certification, which proves its continuous commitment to improving environmental performance. The standard has been completely redrafted to ensure that its objectives and purpose support the changing needs of today’s world and reflect the complex environment in which organizations now operate. ISO 14001:2015 places greater emphasis on the proactive improvement of environmental performance and integrates environmental management into an organization’s strategic plans.

Furthermore, from 2021, owners of electric or hybrid vehicles who are either guests of the resort or passers-by can use the new smart Protergia Charge App to charge their vehicles in the hotel parking lot.

To strengthen the ecological behavior among La Mer Resort & Spa employees, they are systematically provided with environmental education through annual seminars on the environment and green development, equipping them with the necessary environmental knowledge to know how their tasks and decisions affect everything around them. At the same time, group environmental activities are systematically carried out aimed at both employees and guests of La Mer Resort & Spa, promoting environmental awareness.

In addition, all recyclable materials are recycled in special bins at various points in the hotel, with an emphasis on batteries, plastics, glass, aluminum, lamps, inks, and electric devices. At the same time, practices to reduce water and energy consumption and reduce the carbon footprint of both customers and staff are promoted.

Finally, for the daily operation, we systematically use recyclable materials such as paper, glass, etc., for the gardens we use organic fertilizers, while all the cleaning materials we supply for all departments are environmentally friendly.

Honors & Awards

It is a great honor for us to receive awards that confirm and reward our great effort.


Greek Hospitality Awards

The institution of the Greek Hospitality Awards aims to reward Excellence in the Tourism industry, through a merit-based process, in which the Evaluation Committee and the public participate.

In 2022, La Mer Resort & Spa received the top distinction in the Best Greek Design Resort category, receiving the gold award for its highly aesthetic design. It also received four silver awards. The Best Greek Honeymoon Resort award, for the unique hospitality it offers to newlyweds, the Best Greek View Resort for its amazing view of the White Mountains and the Cretan Sea, the Best Greek Green Resort for its environmentally responsible operation, and the Best Greek Hotel Spa for the wonderful, perfectly designed spa area.

Tourism Awards

The Tourism Awards are the first awards of the Greek tourism market and highlight quality and innovation in all individual sectors of Travel, Hospitality & Leisure.

La Mer Resort & Spa received in 2023 the highest distinction, the GOLD award, in the Spa Hotel/resort category with its Wellness Center offering a rejuvenating travel experience even to the most demanding guest. La Mer Resort & Spa also received the BRONZE Award in the Sustainable Hospitality category.

In 2022, the resort was awarded the Bronze Award in the Adults only hotel/resort category and the Bronze Award in the Spa Hotel/resort category.