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The initial ribbon was brought to help you paradise and you may planet, another in order to moms and dads additionally the 3rd to one another

On groom's house, the couple work new “tea ceremony”, a routine one technically acknowledge the couple just like the couple once they have did the fresh new “three bows”

The beverage supported is commonly made that have lotus seeds, a couple of yellow times as well as 2 longans so you can symbolise a sweet and you will fruitful relationship. 20

Tea was basic available to the latest gods and then towards the groom's ancestors to acquire blessings. Next, beverage was supported to the groom's moms and dads accompanied by elderly users of the family members or other family members. People that are served beverage are seated, because the partners kneels and offers this new tea-cup having fun with both hands. Particular lovers, although not, choose to ribbon in place of kneeling whenever serving this new beverage.