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Legend of Attach ed immediately following Daragang Magayon, a beautiful girl within legend

Legend of Attach ed immediately following Daragang Magayon, a beautiful girl within legend

It is a heartbreaking like triangle between Daragang Magayon, their own companion Panginorin, along with her admirer Pagtuga. Magayon, child of your Rawis’ tribal head Makusog, is known for her superb beauty and you may grace. So notable was she, you to suitors of distant places involved compete having their hand. Certainly her fans are Pagtuga, an arrogant and you can snobbish hunter. So you can winnings their particular, however present her which have fancy merchandise, however, do not require delighted her. Panginorin, the chief away from Karilaga, reading of her beauty, made a decision to check out the Rawis, just to catch a peek regarding their own. As he saw their unique, he was immediately smitten and you may courted her having much devotion. Handled from the his love, Magayon too dropped in love. Panginorin, upcoming, rammed an excellent spear in front of their own domestic, denoting their intent to wed their unique, as per the individualized. +/+

The wedding was just a short while away, whenever Pagtuga blackmailed Magayon whenever she does not get married your, he’s going to kill Makusog, their unique father. Whenever Panginorin concerned see for the, he assaulted Pagtuga. New intense strive finished when Pagtuga try killed of the Panginorin. A memorable Magayon hurried so you’re able to his top, whenever an excellent stray arrow strike their unique. Panginorin as well, is actually strike by a beneficial spear. Depression spread-over the complete kingdom, as well as the lovers was placed in an excellent grave and you can tucked. Because the those days from the, anyone pointed out that new homes about what Magayon and Panginorin was in fact hidden, try slowly ascending, creating the fresh Mount Mayon. New legend claims that, today Panginorin lives in the clouds and you will Magayon in the hill, and if the fresh top of Mayon try shrouded because of the clouds, the happy couple are making out. The newest rain you to employs that it, is claimed to get new tears out-of Panginorin. Other times, the floor shakes, and additionally they state, this is the furious Pagtuga seeking to get his gift suggestions straight back of Magayon. +/+

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“Particular Filipino Christians rely on the brand new life and you may electricity away from anitos (slight deities which happen to be respected and you will esteemed since intermediaries so you’re able to God); they feel about strength from quacks and you can trust-healers to take care of certain problems that doctors couldn’t; they think regarding the electricity off witches so you’re able to create disease towards the any person who has obtain its displeasure. Of several Filipino Christians however embrace so you’re able to ancient opinions and techniques. Superstition are a fixed unreasonable idea; an idea was able in spite of proof to the contrary. A person are supposed to be superstitious in the event that he thinks inside, is actually addicted to, or is influenced by the suggestions otherwise impression as opposed to need otherwise medical knowledge.” /

Filipino Witches

“20) In case the veil recruit regarding wedding continues to be single, she actually is destined getting an old maid. 21) The guy whose candle is placed regarding inside wedding ceremony spouse die first. 22) When the a young pregnant woman looks stunning and type, she’ll have a baby girl; if the she seems ugly and vicious, she will have a baby boy. 23) A young pregnant woman who gives birth in order to a baby boy commonly enjoys a painful delivery; person who provides an effective girl will receive a straightforward birth. 24) If an individual combs his tresses at night, his parents often die. 25) If an individual throws his utilized dishes more the ones from anyone else if you are some are however food, the last you to definitely exit the table will have many difficulties. 26) If one brings a pouch or a bag as a present, he must set some funds with it if not such as purse otherwise wallet brings misfortune. 27) Counting cash on the brand new midnights out of December 24 around January 1 of the New year will bring men unlimited wide range inside the whole year. 28) You have to pay-all their costs prior to January first of your New year otherwise he will be indebted new entire year. 29) Rice bags and you can sodium bins yourself must always be complete to steadfastly keep up a good bountiful lifetime. 30) Towards A beneficial Fridays one must perhaps not manage time and energy, grab a shower, eat beef or make music given that Jesus is deceased. 31) Toward Easter Weekend, the students need certainly to plunge highest upon hearing the newest voice of your own chapel Easter bells so they really will grow tall. 32) There should be a banquet or feast towards the Easter Sunday so you’re able to celebrate brand new longevity of Jesus Christ. 33) Whenever a person gets because the a gift a sculpture of Buddha that have youngsters to him, the latest recipient was happy together with his pupils. 34) When a guy obtains since the a gift a sculpture off Buddha instead of pupils up to your, the brand new receiver’s business tend to falter. 35) If one get a beneficial jade brick otherwise his own birth stone because the something special, the guy spouse become lucky in life. 36) If a person receives an excellent diamond because something special, he will end up being fortunate operating. 37) Getting a sculpture out-of Sto) Nino(New Holy Child) from inside the one’s shop otherwise business put will bring best wishes. 38) One must result in the sign of the brand new get across before the guy renders his family or before taking an extended travel to make certain that the guy often arrive securely during the their interest. 39) If one vacations a mirror, he’s going to features eight several years of misfortune./

New year Superstitions: 1) Wear a good polka-dot top or skirt so you’re able to prosperity towards the Brand new Year’s Eve to help you appeal success the complete all year round. 2) Exploding firecrackers and you will ringing bells from the coronary arrest away from midnight on New-year brings best wishes. 3) In case the first voice one hears during the heart attack regarding midnight are your pet dog barking or a manhood crowing, next year was gloomy having instance is actually a keen omen regarding financial hardships in the future, problems, typhoons or any other catastrophes. However earliest sound is that out-of an excellent goat, an excellent cow otherwise an excellent carabao (drinking water buffalo), the year ahead would be prosperous. 4) With the New-year one must avoid to purchase a good amount of something, alternatively you have to spend less to improve your deals the whole year. 5) Resellers is offer their products on a low price throughout the The fresh new Season to attract way more providers. 6) Pouring toward New year means success and you can good bountiful secure to possess the season. 7) Folk have to rise early and continue maintaining hectic on New-year. 8) Any that really does on the New-year, whether constructive otherwise prevent-effective, will establish exactly how he’ll food for the remainder of the new season. ^*^

Philippines Creation Tale

Soon a bamboo forest spent my youth, and you can on hollow of a single of their twigs men and a female came out. The new man’s identity is actually Sicalac, while the woman are entitled Sicabay. They were the parents of human race. The earliest youngster is a son which it called Libo; after they’d a beneficial dan. Pandaguan is actually a young young buck and then he got an excellent young buck named Arion.

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